Human Illusion/ Serenity

I started of the day trying to understand what is actually happening in Syria and why no one is discussing how to end the war.

It led me into a day of reading and watching very interesting documents, which I will share with you below.

One of these films led me to feeling powerlessness and hopelessness. Since it explained how our system is corrupt, controlled and manipulated. We are like marionette’s being moved and controlled. The number one trigger to keep us under control is FEAR. And the best way to earn money for those on top, is to create war, and sponsor both sides.

The desire I have to understand the system and how it is ruled let me into films about the Rothschild family history and how they control the money of the world.

I use to believe that we lived in a democratic world, as I was taught in school, we live in a democracy where all men (and women) was equal. I have tried to hold onto this believe, but today it all fell apart.

I thought all these power games were a new thing that had begun the last couple of centuries, understanding this is not the case. The mere system is built upon a structure, where we are deemed to loose. Where the rich will get more wealthy, and the poor will get more deprived. That’s the plan at least.

When I was 20, I lived a few years in India and Nepal. I had become fascinated by Buddhism. It was the first time in my life I felt at peace; I felt my life was meaningful. At that time I considered to become a Buddhist nun, since it seemed like the greatest gift I could give to the world, the most meaningful way I could spend my life.

Now after watching this documentary, again I feel it would be the only meaningful thing to do. The world is like a game of monopoly, where most of us are blindfolded. Trying to change the path the world is heading feels like an undoable task, and I don’t know where to start.

So to find peace in this monopoly game we are part of, and not be depressed, we need to find the peace within, the stillness, the thing that never change within us. Meditation is a good way to do this.

In the Buddhist teaching they describe the enlightened person as a simple farmer, just taking care of his land. Now I see the peace in that and understand why.

I will end this writing with the known short serenity prayer that Reinhold Niebuhr wrote:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.

Blog about Syria (in Norwegian language)

Film about the Rothschild history

Film about the system.

Danish song by Kim Larsen on the topic



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2 kommentarer til Human Illusion/ Serenity

  1. Mayki skriver:

    Är helt enig med dig Melany.
    Den enda framkomliga vägen är att gå inåt….djupare och djupare.
    Finna friden och jämvikten.
    Få förståelse över skeendet och tillståndet på planeten.
    Med öppna ögon se vansinnet….med slutna ögon se det gudomliga.
    Vila i hjärtat med fötterna på jorden i tillit och kärlek.

    Kram ❤

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