Without donations we couldn’t have developped the Mummy Jee Trust to such an extent and saved 200 children from street poverty.

Why make a gift to Mummy Jee Trust ?

In addition to child sponsorship, our needs are many to carry on with the different projects we have, and make management easier for the Foundation.

You can also help us and support our mission by a donation If you pay taxes, you get a tax deduction of 66% of your donations (within 20% of your taxable income). Example: A donation of 50 € have a coast of only 17 € for you. A donation of 100 € will coast 34 €.

You may choose how your gift will be affected :

  • new school building
  • general administration of the Fondation
  • medical car, Jeep
  • uniforms for the children at the boarding school
  • school material : books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, tables, chairs, notebooks, pens…
  • motocycle
  • medical material and medication
  • crutches and wheel chairs for our handicapped children
  • comptures, sewing machines for the workshops
  • ayurvedic project
  • other…

För att överföra pengar ifrån Danmark, Sverige eller  Norge kan det göres till konto i respektiva länder:

Sverige: reg: 6683 konto nr: 729 406 792

Norge: 9537 05 39376


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